Things to note and already known issues

  1. The first time you hit play on something, the Minions quickly download the samples they need from the server and then start playing. So there will be a bit of latency sometimes. But once samples have been downloaded once, they remain in a Cache… so there’ll be almost no latency on subsequent playbacks.

Note) We are actually working on getting rid of the latency… sooo wait for it… (we’ll be getting the Online Players to preload samples that the Game Master lists in the /cp/ AND also quickly begin to preload samples as soon as the MasterUI focuses on a particular SoundSet

FIXED) We plan on making the OneShots coins more recognisable, and restoring the cute art you see for them (in the normal Players)

FIXED) Your ‘Campaigns’ are not currently visible in the Master UI, we are planning to fix this soon.

FIXED) Keyword search is currently very limited, but we’ll be added lots and lots of organisational utility over the next few months = that’s one of the best things about this UI being hosted on our servers = easy to dev and update.

  1. You can’t set the speaker setup yet in the Minion Player (only stereo). We are planning to add this in soon.

  2. We plan on adding some way of seeing how much Cache the Minion Player is using PLUS a way of clearing this Cache to free up space on your disk

DONE) Android and iOS versions of the Minion Players are coming… they will look pretty much the same as the Desktop versions you already have. Test versions available here: [link coming]

  1. When a player joins a game that is already running, they won’t hear any sound until the Game Master makes a new selection… we hope to fix this, but it’s not a super high priority yet, as you can fix things up by just greeting the new players which a new MOOD, made just for them.
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@benjamin Looks like this list is getting knocked out!

Is there any ETA/Priority on #2? I’m spoiled and miss my 7,1 sound :slight_smile:

Yeah. It’s there on the list.

Hmm… at LEAST 3 months I reckon.

Suuuuch a long list! :smiley: :tired_face::running_woman:

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