Themes/Default Music and Elements


What do you guys use as your default music? You know, what’s the theme music for your TTRPG that you can play across different scenes, settings, cities, etc? I’m looking for theme music for my campaign. Something minimalistic, ambient, and fantasy oriented. Something similar to basically anything off of this compilation (it’s all Pillar’s of Eternity, Skyrim, Witcher, and WoW music).

Here are the current samples that I’ve been considering (though none of them are quite right).

Shadows of Estern - 03- Jure Peternel- Celaine: Absolutely love this track. It’s almost too good though. Super powerful emotionally. It’s like I wanna listen to the music instead of what’s going on around at the table. =P Something a little more subtle and less emotionally moving would be perfect.

Shadows of Estern - 04- Amitie Amere: Again, almost perfect but it’s slightly TOO good lol. The emotional and epic tone are a bit too in-your-face for a default theme IMO.

A Song of Silver: I love this one. Minimalistic and ambient. This one is tied for my current front runner if I don’t stumble across another.

Beautiful Japanese Music - Origami Master: great ambient theme music. My only issue with it is that it has a very subtle Eastern flavor to it and I don’t necessarily want to elicit Eastern associations by using it. Other than that, this one is damn near perfect and it’s my front runner at the moment.

Beautiful Japanese Music - Forest of Sleep: again, great music but the Eastern theme is too strong for my current setting.

Witchwood harp: I love this but it’s just slightly too dark/pensive. I tend to reserve this for more mysterious/haunting scenes and moods.

Relaxed - “Sweeping Catan theme” (from Music - Travel): I ran across this one but it’s slightly too… video-gamey?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to nitpick! I’m over the top happy with Syrinscape. I’m just confident that somewhere in its depths it has the exact tone I’m looking for.

I look forward to hearing everyone’s suggestions!


You can check this campaign.


Thanks for the suggestion. I was familiar with most of those libraries and agree that they contain some potential candidates.

A song of silver and Witchwood harp are my current front runners–though I will continue searching! I’m convinced that Syrinscape has what i’m looking for, it’s just a matter of me finding it.


Dragon Heist’s Trollskull Manor has five new tracks for different moods, relaxed, investigative, suspenseful, dark, and happy!