The Two-Headed Serpent (CoC)


I know I’m a little late to the party, but something for The Two-Headed Serpent would be awesome, since we have a world spanning Pulp Cthulhu one. I mean just think, you’ve got 9 chapters in different parts of the world, which creates a whole different theme for each. One, you kind of already have, New York, but now we’ve got New York when dealing with mobsters, or in the halls of a Mythos organization. We have the jungles of Bolivia, fighting formless spawn. North Borneo with a strange outbreak of a Dreamland incursion. Oklahoma with a town full of people worshipping a snake god. Iceland dealing with giant trolls, Belgian Congo dealing with a quarantine and serpent people. Calcutta on the trail of a mysterious artifact. Snake Island looking to get onto the long banished forgotten continent of the Snake Poeple. And finally the lost continent of Mu, out of time and synch with the rest of the world, with the thrilling climax over a volcano with an ancient being that petrifies all. This demands awesome ambience!


Hi Nephanor,

I don’t know whether you would like to use this “homemade” SoundSet for The Two-Headed Serpent that I have been using for my own campaign.

I am still in the making and will share it here if you are interested.



PS: I have the Supersyrin Subscription.


Oooo! Many thanks! This will help a lot!


As a quick tip, I have plenty of fun with my players using the “Ancient Flute” oneshot randomly in the first chapter.
I will not elaborated in order to avoid spoilers, but their reaction was a blast, so use it :slight_smile:


@ichaaito, Now that’s a cool thing. My main thing I am looking for now is some sound samples that would work for a generic Calcutta street, the middle eastern voices, and bartering, that kind of nice background. Ironically, the MMO I play (Black Desert Online) has that really nicely in one of it’s cities, just their stuff is the same loop playing over and over.

Also, for some reason, it won’t import the TTHS sound stuff into my own campaign manager…not sure what’s up there. The Speakeasy transfers, but not the others.


@nephanor, the problem with my SSs could be that I am updating them as the time goes by and maybe I have to update the link. I would do it ASAP.

Regarding your question, I am thinking in using the Oriental Tavern SoundSet from the fantasy player. The streets could be emulated with the “Wandering Musician” Mood, and I think that the “Fist Fight” will totally satisfy my players, at least it will do so to me. The music is frenzy and great, and it really forces you to do somenthing :slight_smile:

Also if you are looking for some meditating music for a temple I have just discovered the “Windsong Caverns” SS for the Fantasy Player that could provide you and your player some cool moments.

Hope it helps. Cheers.



Is there an updated link for this custom soundset?


Hi Vassilis,

Here you have,

We are taking our time to finish each chapter, but at least you will have till chapter 4. In this chapter I have named some of the soundsets in Spanish, I guess that it would not be a problem, I won’t give here any details to avoid spoilers, but if you have any doubts let me know,




Hmm, weird. When I import your campaign, only the Speakeasy 1920 soundset is added…a bug perhaps?

I do have a supersyrin sub btw.


That is because the other soundsets are private and not released as community content. For everyones’ use the sets have to be community content.


That explains why I can’t see anything.