The soundscape creator and a lapsed subscription - RESOLVED


What happens? I’m thinking of starting a sub, but one of the big draws for me is the customisation.

If I invest a lot of time in customising soundscapes for personal use I’d like to know what happens to them if I let my sub lapse for whatever reason (work becomes too busy for D&D, whatever)

Will my custom soundscapes be deleted? Will they be safe as long as I uploaded them for others to use? If I resub later can I get access to them again?

The thought of losing so much work is one of the few things still putting me off…


HI @matthewbeeston

  1. Your SoundSets will NOT be deleted from the server. They remain safe.
  2. They will be accessible to you whenever you have ANY level of sub with us, including the lowest (least expensive) Server Access sub.
  3. When you are NOT a sub, they will be inaccessible but safe and ready in storage until you grab another sub.

Makes sense? :smiley:


Awesome :slight_smile: