The Rose Street Revenge soundsets?


Morning, all! So, I plan to run The Rose Street Revenge on Wednesday and thought I’d ask the experts for any recommendations on soundsets to use. Any advice is much appreciated! Thanks.


Tell me about what’s going on in the adventure and I can help you! What locations, moods, scenes, monsters, events, etc?


Thanks for your help!

There are four major sections/mini-adventures as follows:

Snippets - Takes place at the edge of the docks district at a barbershop called the smiling cut. After the barbershop scene, it heads into an alleyway behind the barbershop for an encounter with some thugs

Dragons - Takes place in the sewers beneath the city. Combat with some kobolds and has slashing blade traps.

Puddles - Takes place in a neighborhood that is sinking below sea level. (Earthquake damage). Combat occurs in a search of a ruined manor which is sinking into muck. Combat includes a sewer ooze, bat swarm, acid floor.

Haven - Takes place in an area with sinkholes and ravines. Haunted by vermin and undead. Combat is in a sunken safe house and includes sucking mud (hazard), crawling skeleton, undead cleric, zombies.

Thanks again for any suggestions!


Snippets - Bustling Port Town has dock/city sounds. Add in a little Friendly Tavern (or Seedy Tavern, depending on how friendly people are) for talking, ambiance, etc. Go to Flying Fiend Battle and turn on the “flying fiend bites”, because they sound just like the snip-snip of barbers’ shears! You can use the same Bustling Port Town sounds, just turned down quieter for the alley encounter. Bugbear Battle or Tavern Brawl (depending on weapons used) would be good for the thugs.

Dragons - Sewer is your best set for this, along with Kobold Lair. It has both kobold sounds and several trap sounds!

Puddles - Keep the Sewer set for squishing through mud or use “walking through ankle-deep water” element from Flooded Cavern to represent walking through the sunken neighborhood. You can use Deserted House for some creaks and squeaks of an abandoned place. There is an Ooze Battle set for the sewer ooze, The Birds actually makes a decent bat swarm, and the acid floor can be represented by Wizard Spells (acid arrow one shot) or PPT5 Heroes of Undarin 3 (acid spit one shot).

Haven - You may want to use a combination of Swamp and Mountain Pass, to have both squishy sounds and wind/tumbling rocks. There are vermin sounds in Swamp, and a great vermin swarm attack in Hell Swarm. Insectoid Hive and Swarm Attack from the Sci-Fi set could also work. Undead Battle or Zombie Battle is for your undead. Sewer has all the squishy sounds for your sucking mud, and Deserted House for any unstable structural creaks. If your undead cleric is slinging any spells, you’ll want the Cleric Spells set!


As always, you don’t disappoint! Thanks so much for the suggestions!


Thanks @HECook! Amazing as always. I was still reading through the adventures!! :slight_smile: