The old Syrinscape and Roll20 topic

Hello there,

Just seen the YouTube video about owning all the DOTMM content if you’re a subscriber.

I’ve been a subscriber for over a year I think.

Does this mean I can download the sounds to my computer then upload to Roll20 jukebox?

Then play the sounds through that.

I still have three of my players in two different games who either can’t use the online player (due to their internet not being great) or another who can only hear some sounds but not others.


Syrinscape soundsets are not .wav or .mp3 files that can be downloaded and played individually. Each soundset is made up of hundreds and samples and multiple elements (tracks) which the Syrinscape app combines together and applies its magic to, to give you the dynamic sounds that you hear.

That does mean that all of our soundsets need to be played through the Syrinscape App’s rather than be uploaded into other software.