The Madhouse of Tasha's Kiss suggestions

hey there,
im planning to run the “The Madhouse of Tasha’s Kiss” oneshot. Does anyone already has something made for it? Im new to Syrinscape and would love to get some help :smiley:

Tell me what places, events, monsters, encounters, moods, etc you need and I’ll be happy to hunt things for you!

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The scenario is a horror story in an abandoned village. There was a circus in which a certain Tasha (a jester) performed. You enter a pocket dimension and there everything is trimmed to horror circus with clowns. It should combine horror and typical circus.
There should be a mirror maze, as well as a kind of cellar where all people laugh sickly and hang on chains. And finally an epic horror boss music.

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We actually have a Circus SoundSet with lots of creepy circus sounds in it. We also have ominous music box which I love.

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Yup! Like @Vicki said, there is the Music - Circus soundset, and then the “ominous music box” element is in Death House I. That soundset also has the mood “children’s’ room” which combines some creepy sounds with that music box. Dead Don’t Dream also has a great mood called “attic whispers” which is some general creepy background music with a whispering child.

Back to the initial abandoned village - Giant Rat Attack has a mood called “old abandoned building” which has some building sounds, rattling windows, creepy sounds, and distant barking dogs (which you can turn off, if the dogs are gone).

Spooky has a number of excellent things for you in terms of creep - the “stalked by the lich child” is a great mood with a creepy little child occasionally speaking. There are also a number of one-shots with evil/crazy laughter.

The mirror maze I’d use some of the circus music, and combine it with some of the Elements - Horror.

For the basement, I’d use a few things. Devourer Battle has a couple of elements - “moving chains” and “mad laughing”. Kobold Battle has a “crazy laugh” element that is really good. Mimic Battle has another “chains” element, that is higher and closer than the one in Devourer Battle, as does “Dungeon of the Dead Three I”. For the basement itself, you could use Dungeon Depths or Dungeon of the Dead Three I again (Dry Area mood), Under the Villa, or even The Haunt’s “basement” mood, depending on the kind of basement you want.

As for the epic horror boss music - there are a great many potential options, depending on what kind of boss. Anything from the Strange Aeons sets could potentially be good for that, but is your boss an evil clown? An intangible undead? A winged demon? A vile gibbering mouther? Let me know what sort of boss and I can suggest more specifically! :slight_smile:

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okay cool :slight_smile:
thats a lot of input, i will check some of them out :smiley:

the boss is an evil jester

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Okay, so I’m assuming the evil jester is a corporeal being, yes? Probably with a combination of physical and magical/supernatural attacks? I’d use some of the mad laughter I suggested. Mad Scientists Laboratory has a great element called “the dead may laugh” which has a lot of laughs back-to-back, if you like. Then I might try the Devourer Combat for the jester. You can turn off the devourer vocalizations themselves in favor of more crazy laughter. Then Bard Spells D&D has the ever-popular Vicious Mockery one-shot, which is great for magic/laughter combo, plus other spells the evil jester may use. Does something like that work?


yeah your right. Its a combo of ombination of physical and magical attacks.
I will try to create the next days. That will be another big step for me :smiley:
If i need anymore infos i will ask again :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the help <3

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