The Haunt 2 Soundset

I’ve recently bought Syrinscape to test in my Fantasy Grounds campaigns. Does anyone have a set for The Haunt 2 or could advise me on assets to pull together for it? I have the ultimate subscription. Many Thanks

Tell me about what locations, moods, events, encounters, and monsters you need and I’ll see what I can recommend!

Takes place in a haunted sanatorium, with killer doll.

Lunatic asylum 1920 would be a great start i guess. Creepy cells, secret basement experiments and a calm warden’s office to start with. :smirk:

Cool can I play that through fantasy player?

As it is a Cthulhuesque soundset it is located in the scifi player. Are you on a subscription? You can create campaigns on the website and make every soundset appear in any player you like.

Easiest would be accessing your soundsets from within the Online player, which you can easily use for your home game as well, not just online.

I am on the free subscription currently for a month. I will look into how I make my own campaign to dl to the fantasy player

Ok so the adventure is set in a haunted sanatorium, and based around a doll that has been possessed by a young girl after a witches curse. So creepy nursery rhymes would be good to.
Key events would be finding being attacked by what looks like a wounded deva but is actually a adult oblex. Coming across various horrific scenes such as fiendish maggots, enraged Spector’s, dead patients, unknown animated pools of flesh. Also part way through the adventure the hospital starts to re construct itself around the players so sounds of brickwork and plaster reforming or something similar would be good.

Take a look at Death House, which is part of the Curse of Strahd adventure. Death House has lots of creepy sounds for a children’s nursery so combined with abandoned Lunatic Asylum you should be able to terrify the characters (and your players :grin:)


Thanks appreciate your help

In addition to Death House, for the rebuilding of the house, try Tammeraut’s Fate II, which as a “hammering” element, and Hunting Horror Battle has various elements like “small walls moving”, “distant walls moving”, “large walls moving”, etc, for stone pulling itself back into place. Bustling Port Town has a “blacksmith” element for metal banging and whatnot, and “ship building” for more woodworking sounds.

For the animated pools of flesh, Ooze Battle would be useful, and Undead Battle/Zombie Battle for dead patients, as well as Wraith Battle for the spectors. For the fiendish maggots, Insectoid Hive (in Sci-Fi Player) has an element called “the walls are slimy” that would be good for that.

I hope that helps!

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Thanks both this gives me lots to work with

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