The Basement Guild - 5e D&D Audio Adventure

Hey all,

We just started using Syrinscape to enhance our game and show, it’s been a gamechanger in terms of keeping up the mood.

Even though we’re new here, our show is just over a year old. Many changes have been made to make the audio better and to improve the quality altogether.

The show takes place in a homebrew world where science and magic have begun to overlap. Our heroes are fish out of the water and learning to cope in a new and changing world. So we invite you to come along and take part in a chaotic whirlwind of fun, adventure and puns…lots of puns.

You can find the show & RSS Feed here:

OR if you prefer, the episodes can be found a couple of hours earlier than the podbean release on our website:

Now only the most recent episode has been the first to be published using Syrinscape. We publish every Monday and we have 45 episodes as of this week and we hope to have you along for many, many more.

Take Care friends and thanks Syrinscape!