Thank you! A retrospective on SS


I’ve been using sounds in my games for over a decade. Most were ambient audio I recorded myself via videogames and played back using a media player, but Syrinscape made it so much quicker, easier, and had so many more features.

I’m dropping my sub because my gaming group imploded (and in a town of 4,000, gaming groups aren’t easily replaced), and there isn’t a way to include a comment since unsubscribing is done via PayPal, but I wanted to let the Powers that Be know how much I appreciated and enjoyed this product. I was very hesitant when it launched with a subscription, but I absolutely got my money’s worth.

And if I find myself in a group again, I’ll be back.


Groups imploding is no fun but have you tried online to replace it? There are many options on softwares to play online. My own game has two players from different states and I lobe the game I run.
Just an idea from DM to DM


Thanks for the kind words @jtw321, we hope to see you back some time in the future, because that will mean you are gaming again!

It’s certainly no fun when a group implodes and sadly with current events it’s happening to a lot of people. Like @davinci522 has said have you considered online gaming? With a good VTT and Syrinscape Online you may find it to be a very fun experience!

I’ve always been hesitant to try it myself but recent events have forced my hands and I have to say that now I’ve tried it I love it! My local group are actually quite keen for us to continue gaming this way :grin:


Yeah, one of my players, and a friend of seven years, broke the ‘no politics in the group’ rule, then went off the deep end over the course of about 15 minutes when I refused to support his position. It was an… impressive meltdown. Since he and his wife represent fully half of the players, that’s that.

We’ve been running Roll20 since the lockdown, but mostly as a way to keep the game going until we could get back together the old-fashioned way. I got comfortable with it, and I even used to the online player with good results. I just didn’t enjoy it. Seeing thumbnails instead of faces made it really, really hard to read the group. I’ve been GMing for 30 years, and I felt like I was floundering just from not being able to see the people I was playing with.

VTTs are a fantastic option, but I found that I don’t really enjoy it myself.


We found that using Zoom for chat helped us a lot. Its still not the same as sitting in a room together but at least with the video you can still see each other and see their reactions. I’m like yourself, I find it difficult with just voice, I like to see my loverly players :slight_smile: