TftYP: Tomb of Horrors READ ME


Hi all,
With the help of Steve Barr from Syrinscape I just published my 1:st in a series of Soundsets for the adventures in Tales from the Yawning Portal- Tomb of Horrors. To help everyone get the best out of it, here’s a quick walkthrough of how I constructed it and how you can use it. Also - any feedback to make it even better is welcome.

This is the “Walk in music” for the adventure. I try to run ToH as a one night, and as we´re setting up the game I use this mood to… set the mood. I’ve placed the Tomb deep in the jungles of Chult - thus the exotic birds and jungle sounds

Approacing the Tomb
This is used when I setup the story. THe characters are hacking their way through the jungle, searching for the elusive and mythical tomb, maybe as a task given to them by a rich noble who really wants some artifact hidden in the tomb…

Outside the Tomb
As the group reaches the Tomb I use this to describe how all of the sudden the jungle grows deadly quiet - as if life has abandoned this place.

Tomb of Horror Ambience Menacing/Enigma
These 2 moods are used as my generic background when players explore the tomb. If they’re trying to solve a puzzle, use enigma, if yo want tension, use menacing.

All the other moods have numbers corresponding to the location in the adventure. The ones with an E in front means event and are to be used when the players trigger the event at that location.

There are also a number of one shots tied to some locations to use at events but they do not change the mood of the location.

Hope you have fun with this and any feedback is welcome. I hope that within the next few weeks I will have 2 more soundsets out to use with adventure G1: Steading of the Hill Giant Chief, also from the Tales from the Yawning Portal Adventure book.



It’s a great set and a big one! Thanks for putting it together and sharing it :slight_smile:


Sweeeeeeeet! Thanks @bjornsundell!!!


This is a pretty stellar sound set. Still trying to figure out how to create one with my own music.


Thanks! I’m also looking at that. In the upcoming release of ”Against the Giants” I’m including voice acting that a gifted friend of mine did.