TftYP: AtG: Steading of the Hill Giant Chief released!

My new Soundset is published now and available to all SuperSyrinscape subscribers. It’s a large set, split in 4 parts, giving you the soundscapes needed for playing The Steading of the Hill Giant Chief - the first of the three “Against the Giants” adventures.

The soundset has moods tagged with the different areas of the adventure, according to the sourcebook. Some moods have an “E” infront of them - indicating that the mood is triggered by an event in the area.

There are also a number of one shots that accompanies some locations and others that are just general sounds to use.

The soundset also adds content that I’ve created together with a friend of mine - one liners, singing and music. Me and my friend are Swedish - and as much of the giant toungue is based on nordic lagnuages we added some lines that are used throughout the soundset. Hope you enjoy it and please, give feedback on any bugs and improvements.

Bjorn (which is Beorn in english and means bear)

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Great sounding soundsets again @bjornsundell, excellent work :slight_smile:

Thank you. Workin on finishing Glacial Rift if the Frost Giant Jarl next and trying to squeeze in White plume mountain. It’s waiting for 2 VO lines that I’d really want to get in there.

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