Testing 3rd party API - RESOLVED


What is the best way to test “3rd party API” using the URLs? Should I be able to drop the URL into chrome/firefox/IE and the URL play a sound in the running desktop app?

I’ve tried on each and none seem to work. Each time the browser asked if I wanted to send it to Syrinscape and I told it to do so.

If it’s suppose to work does anyone have suggestions on what to look for to trouble shoot?


Hey, guys. Just FYI, in case Celestian doesn’t get a chance to pop in here. I know him from the Fantasy Grounds forums, twitch and discord. I wanted to mention that he got this fixed. I saw him post this on the Fantasy Grounds forums and someone suggested he uninstall and reinstall syrinscape. After he did that he said it worked fine.


Indeed, it seems the application didn’t register itself as the app to run for the syrinscape urls. /boggle.

For what it’s worth, windows 10, current patches.


Cool glad you got it sorted and welcome to the forum :grin: