Technical Support - New PC soon - RESOLVED

I will soon be getting a new PC and I have subscribed to Syrinscape on my current device. Obviously, I want to have Syrinscape on my new device when I do get that. Do I have to ‘uninstall’ it from this old device first before installing it on my new device? Or do I just download it on to my new device and leave it as it is on my old device?

You can have up to three devices on the same Syrinscape account. So you’d download Syrinscape on your new PC, log in, go to your account to bless it (I believe it will prompt you) and there you go. You will have to re-download stuff to your desktop app though, just fyi.

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Thanks, @HECook! Yes exactly what they said. You will be able to use Syrinscape on both the old and new device without any problems :grin:

And if reinstalling all of your soundsets sounds daunting then take a look at Syrinscape Online. With the Online Player you do not need to install soundsets, as long as you have an internet signal you can play any soundset that you have access to