Technical questions - Moods - elements

Hello! I am back to Syrinscape after a break, as I am starting a new Cthulhu campaign.
I have a few questions. I saw few of the online tutorials but I am a little lost.

So here is where I stand.

  • On my page I created a new Campaign > Cthulu_perou,

  • On the online tool I created a duplicated soundset with the orginal moods from the (Nyarlathotep part one package).

  • I am creating a new mood, my personal Cordaro bar mood.
    but I would like to import elements (busy streets) from the Lima Mood to add to my current Cordaro mood. How do I do that?
    Also I would like to delete some of the pre-generated moods (example: Drinks with Elias etc…).

  • The idea is that I would like to create personalised soundsets, using elements from the moods that are included in my purchase. I would like to be able to pick elements and just drag and drop them into a mood that will be included in a personal soundset that will be also included in my campaign and synchronised with my Sci-Fi player.

For info I did not buy the monthly subscription. Would I have more creative tools? If yes what would they be?

thanks for your help and tips.

Is this going to be for a face to face game or online? Because I have some advice that works only using the desktop player. Start your base mood. Shut off the sounds you don’t want. Go to the other sets and turn on the individual elements you want. At the bottom of the base set’s list of moods is a + button. Hit that and give it a name. Now the next time you hit that new mood button, it will play the custom mix you had.

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