Talk like a Pirate for Syrinscape


(All weekend) Send us your best Pirate “Arrrrrrrrhhh” and we’ll add your voice to the “High Seas Battle” SoundSet, and if you don’t own it yet, we’ll unlock it too!

Just hit record on your phone’s voice/memo recorder and email the file to:
benjamin at syrinscape dot com

Because, more pirate = better pirates!


Excellent idea!

This weekend only? I am on vacation and I’d love to help out Thursday or Friday, when I get back.

Callouts to the community will certainly benefit everyone, so great idea, Benjamin!


I’m sure I can take some cool Pirate voices whenEVER you send them to me! :slight_smile:

I look forward to them!


I just sent you a bunch I made tonight while in a Disney World Resort bathroom. LOL.
I hope you find value in them!


These are freaking awesome!

I’ve added them in and will push an update shortly!

THANKS!!! :smiley:


Glad you like them!
Go for the legs! Lol


So much good stuff people sent in.

I’ve added most of it, and triggered an update. Everyone check it out!

I LOVE Beckett’s “It’s the Kraken”. :smiley: :squid:


Fun! It added another layer to that sound set, making it sound fuller. I like it!