Talisman the Board game


New to this, and it looks amazing!

We are playing the board game Talisman a lot, I tried to search the forum for any topics about it, but couldn’t find any.
Is there anything to help enhance this game?
Or do I just have to add stuff to a list of my own?



I don’t believe there is anything at the moment, but what kinds of themes and actions are you looking to get enhanced with sound? I can certainly recommend stuff!


Talisman is a board game divided in a couple of different regions.
You have The Mountains, The City, The Dungeon, The Forest, The Tunnels.
Rat Queens Lair, Wraith lords lair. The Outer region with farmlands, fields, small parts of woods, the middle region with abandoned ruins, an oasis.
It can also be night, or day, so I need sounds for each region for both occasions.

You also have different types of shops the players can enter.
Magic shop, Armory, Temple, Pet shop, Stables, Apothecary, The Thieves Den, The Witch, The Healer.
Fixed places, like Chapel, Graveyard, Village, Tavern, Warlocks cave, The Castle.

You can encounter numerous of different creatures and foes, like goats, bears, fae´s, dragons, rats, The Toad King, BabaYaga, a fae court jester named Puck, bandits on the road, and so on.

I would love to have a collection of sounds to use when the players meet and interact with this world.

I have started to go through all the sounds now, which is so nice!
The work people have done is amazing, thanks all.

But I have a hard time making my own setup?
If I find a sound, or a set I like, I would like to like right click on it and be able to choose to save in a “folder” of my own.

I would love to have the list of preset sounds on the left side as it is, but also be able to drag and add icons of more specific sounds into the screen.

But how do I select specific sounds and effects to a list of my own?

Thanks for your time reading this, and sorry if I am writing to much.
Just so excited over all the possibilities here ::slight_smile:


I’ve plaid talisman before. I know Hecook will give some really good suggestions but if @benjamin doesn’t mind me trying to make an unofficial soundset for it I can give it a go.


Go for it @davinci522

I’d love to hear what you build!!! :slight_smile:


Thanks @davinci522!
It will improve our games a few levels i bet.
I am so looking forward to use this on our next session


Fantastic, yes go for it @davinci522. We’d all love to hear what you come up with for it! :slight_smile:


I won’t be able to start working on it till tue/wed. But I’ll make something up.


Suggestions for stuff!

Mountains - Mountain Pass
The City - Magnimar (Big City) or Baldur’s Gate or Waterdeep (the latter two have both night and day modes)
The Dungeon - Dungeon Depths
The Forest - Elven Vale Day/Elven Vale Night
The Tunnels - Hunting Horror or Claustrophbia 1643 (from the Board Game player)
Rat Queen’s Lair - Giant Rat Battle
Wraith Lord’s Lair - Wraith Battle
Farmlands/Fields - Farmland
Abandoned Ruins - The Spider’s Web (from Lost Mines of Phandelver) has a crumbling ruins mood
Oasis - Lunar Prison (from Dreams of the Yellow King) has a reflective oasis mood

In outside cases where there isn’t already a “night” element, kicking up wind elements (from Elements - Winds) or nighttime insects (from Farmland) should give you the effect you need in most cases.

Magic Shop - Library of Arcana, perhaps adding in a few elements from Creepy Shopkeeper, like “coins and stuff” or “creaking floorboards”
Armory - Blacksmith
Pet Shop - Creepy Shopkeeper and add in “the dogs smell something” element from Goblin Battle, SS Part 5 & 6 (Sins of the Saviors, from Rise of the Runelords) has both “meows” and “rats” elements, The Birds has a “crows” element, and Exotic Palace as an “exotic birds” element and even a “monkey hoot” element if you so please.
Stables - I had to pull from a few different elements: “creaking stockade” from Thistletop (from Burnt Offerings), “horses” from Battle of Wolven Pass, and “insect flybys” from Swamp.
Apothecary - Mad Scientist’s Lab
The Witch - Is this a good witch or a bad witch? :wink: If a bad witch, I’d say using the mood Old Xoblob’s Shop from Finding Floon (from Dragon’s Hoard)
Thieves’ Den - Zhentarim Hideout (from Dragon’s Hoard)
The Healer - I’d use the “happy music” element from Trollskull Manor (from Dragon’s Hoard) along with some elements from Creepy Shopkeeper (fireplace, Ameiko laughing, and creaking floorboards).

Village - Brindle Town
Castle - there are a few choices - Vyre Banquet (from Dance of the Damned) is an active one with music and murmuring, while City Gone Mad (Edge of Anarchy) has a throne room mood where things are quiet and subdued. Adding some of the rich murmuring elements from Vyre Banquet to the City Gone Mad throne room mood could give you a more casual “court has begun” feeling.
Chapel - Refuge of Dreamers (from In Search of Sanity), turning off the “souls in grief” and “yellow mist” elements, and possibly adding the “church music” element from Barovian Village
Tavern - Friendly Tavern
Graveyard - If it’s a spooky graveyard, Barovian Village has one with ghouls and whatnot, or the Spooky set has a number of unsettling moods for a graveyard. Add in some “tumbling pebbles” element from Mountain Pass perhaps.
Warlock’s Cave - I’d start with Dungeon Depths and add in some of the magical elements from Shimmering Veils and Library of Arcana

Goats - Gnomeland Security has a goat element
Bears - You can use The Spider’s Web (from Lost Mines of Phandelver) the owlbear fight
Dragons - Dragon Battle
Rats - Giant Rat Battle
Fae - Catacombs of Wrath, the sounds for Erylium (Erylium hisses, Erylium is angry) are good for small angry fey. Combine them with Elven Vale Night/Day and there you go!
Toad King - Dungeon of the Mad Mage 8 (DMM 8), Bullywug Battle
Baba Yaga - Dungeon of the Mad Mage 9 (DMM 9), Nighthag Battle
Puck - You could use the music from Music - Circus, or the “relaxed music” from Trollskull Manor, along with some laughter from Friendly Tavern
Bandits - There is a bandits battle mood in The Sinister Secret I from Ghosts of Saltmarsh

I hope that helps all and sundry!


@davinci522 @HECook

You guys are AMAZONG!!!
(yes, I meant to spell it like that) :smiley:
(say it out loud)
(it sounds better that way)


@m_segren wasn’t able to make everything but I filled up a soundset with as much as I could. I have sent it in for approval as community content. As soon as @Steve or @benjamin gets the time to look through it you should have some ambience for your games. And sorry it took so long. I wanted to make custom music for the shops and work has been a terrible mess.
It will be located in the Board Game Player and labeled Amulet Board Game.


Awesome! Thanks alot davinci522 :slight_smile:


The “Amulet Board Game” Soundset is now available as Community Content and available in the Board Game Player for all Supersyrin subscribers. Awesome work on this one again @davinci522! :slight_smile:


Thanks davinci522 :slight_smile: