Tales from the Shadows

I have a question. I just purchased Tales from The Shadows by Kobold Press in Fantasy Grounds Unity. I purchased it as I saw there was an official sound set on Syrinscape. However, looking closer at the Syrinscape sound set, it shows “Book of Ebon Tides: Tales from the Shadows”. So, given Book of Ebon Tides is a separate book from Tales from the Shadows I’m now confused. Which sound set did Syrinscape create? One for Book of Ebon Tides or one for Tales from the Shadows? Thanks in advance!

Both :grin:

We did a Book of Ebon Tides Introductory SoundSet to go along with the Kickstarter and we are covering all of the adventures found within Tales from the Shadows along with some individual SoundSets to cover some of the creatures and beast found within the Tomb of Beasts.

You can see a list of all of the sets we have release so far here

Got it! Thank you. Much appreciated.

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