Takes forever to load


Anyone know why the soundset creature takes forever to start up? I am working on a mac and everytime I try to start it takes more than 5 minutes to even open the browser page to start creating anything. I also have three icons on my dock when I open it one is “Player” and two are “Syrinscape SoundSet Creator” One of those two icons always reports “Application not responding”. Is this something messed up on my end?


I can’t help you with the Mac issues in particular, but yes - the Creator needs some time to start up, as it verifies the sample library. Sometimes it takes ages, other times it goes really quick. Pro tip: start the creator, go to the kitchen and make coffee. Once you’re back, everything you need should be in place. :wink:

And yes, the Creator opens various instances, that is normal. But if that two creator windows on Mac is unusual, someone with proper experience should come forward.


I have a similar problem on MAC OS I assumed it was because I’m running an older version on this rig. (10.9.4)


OK just making sure. The two creator icons have been there since I first downloaded it, I wasn’t sure if the one always showing up as “Application not Responding” was trouble.