Syrinscape with Echo Dot/Alexa


Hey all,

first, I hope this the right place to post this - if not, feel free to move my question :slight_smile:

Has anyone any experience on the interaction of Syrinscape with Alexa/Echo Dot? Can I stream Syrinscape to the Echo via Bluetooth? Is Alexa able to do anything with Syrinscape via voice commands? Do I need to connect my Syrinscape device (ipad, iphone) via cable?

Thanks for your answers!


At the moment Syrinscape has no Alexa skills so you can’t voice control it though Alexa. It’s definitely something that we might look at doing at some point in the future and would make for a very cool feature :slight_smile:

You can Stream Syrinscape to any Bluetooth speaker though, so if you can use Alexa just as a Bluetooth speaker then there shouldn’t be any reason why you couldn’t stream the apps sounds through the Dot


That‘s what I expected, sounds good. Thanks!