Syrinscape Wishlist


Having used both the Fantasy & Sci-Fi Players for well over 12 months now, and being a SuperSyrin Subscriber (and integrated Syrinscape into Fantasy Grounds via the DOE: Sound Extension) what I’d like to see is a Button/Option to display the list of “Uninstalled” Soundsets. This would be placed with the other four Soundset-List Buttons in the top left-hand corner of the interface (ie with the “All Soundsets”, “Purchased”, “Unpurchased”, and “Installed” Buttons).

This would be way more convenient than having to scroll through the 225 (as as 2-Jun-2018) Fantasy Soundsets and the 106 Sci-Fi Soundsets.

And speaking of the 106 Sci-Fi Soundsets - how many people are aware of the 107th Soundset which is an exact duplicate of another Soundset? I’m talking about the “Absalom Station” Soundset which is a duplicate of the “IAS Absalom Station” Soundset - I suggest it is removed, as it adds nothing to Syrinscape that is not already there.

And finally - bring back the “Ninja” Soundset. That one was a lot of fun (even if it was only an April Fool’s joke).

Just my $0.02 worth :smile:



Not disagreeing on duplicated content of the Absalom Station sets, but likely they’re separate because the Incident at Absalom Station sets are all bundled together. The Absalom station set is separate, for those who want the very useful station but don’t want to buy the whole adventure path.