Syrinscape TTRPG?


So this is kind of a silly question that I should probably know the answer to (but don’t): is there an official syrinscape tabletop RPG stream? I know syrinscape is used in a bunch of streams but is there one where Ben and company play consistently?


Soooo… I play fairly regularly with my group the Dicestormers here:

Good game here:

We’ve been tossing up the idea of Syrinscape doing something more regular, and of super high immersion+quality.

D&D seem pretty focused on using Streaming as one of their main ways of talking to and connecting to their fans… reckon Syrinscape should be doing the same?


Very cool. I’ll check it out.

I think a Syrinscape stream would be a great way to showcase different soundsets, new releases, etc–particularly if the campaign were homebrewed instead of a module. It could also be a good way to connect with and grow the community.