Syrinscape taking too long to play



I just integrated Syrinscape and FGC. Both the chat triggers and other sounds are taking too much to activate. There is a delay in it I am not sure if that’s how it is supposed to work.

I am using the online player. Would it be better for me to use the downloaded player? Can I somehow ask FG to use the desktop version instead of the online one?


Both of the available extension for Fantasy Grounds allow you to select either the Syrinscape Online player or the Genre players (Fantasy, Sci-fi). Which extension are you using?


Syrinscape Sounds extension.

Also, I tried to create my own trigger for a Dragonborn breath weapon (fire) it takes forever to activate. On one try I gave up and quit FG, only after that the sound played.


I am the author of that Syrisncape Sounds extension. You can switch over to triggering the Fantasy or Sci-Fi players in the FG options. There is one option I added where you select what player you want to use, just select Genre. With the genre players you will of course need to download all the sounds ahead of time, and figure out how to send the audio to your players. FG doesnt handle that.


I was used to use Cleanfeed and Voicemeeter Banana to do that. Correct me if I am wrong, but the new online player would replace that need at least for Syrinscape sounds, right?

I will make some tests and see the best result I can get. Will drop by around to make any questions that appear.

Thanks for the help, and congrats on the extensions, it’s really amazing.


If you have the Supersyrin subscription, then you dont need to use the other methods like cleanfeed and VM. But with the genre players, you will need to use them.



I do have the Supersyrin subscription, but I will still need cleanfeed to play sounds from youtube and other websites, or is there a new feature in the online player I am not aware of?

Also, can I somehow filter the library in the online app, so if I am running a fantasy game I can disable the Sci-Fi ones and vice-versa?


With a SuperSyrin subscription, I use the Syrinscape Online player, and when I have other audio I want to use, I will use the Soundset Creator to upload the files and prep them there as one-shots, moods, music, etc. That way they play through syrinscape too. I stopped using cleanfeed after figuring out how to do that.


Ok, I will look into that. Any video I can watch about that?


This playlist covers it.

Once you have your new sounds built, you can use my Syrin2FG website to create a custom sound links module with your new stuff built in.


Thanks a lot. Will definitely watch it asap.