Syrinscape: Tabletop RPG Sound Android app issue

Hi all,
I want to use the app in my next game using a phone + Bluetooth speaker. When I first installed it yesterday, I downloaded a few soundsets and used them without any issues, but when I tried to download additional soundsets today, I got a download failed message around 99% done. My phone has over 50GB on internal memory and over 200GB on external so free space is no issue. But, when I try to resume download, I get failed right away.
I also tried to reinstall the app with no visible effect.
Do you have any suggestions on how to fix it? I need it for my next game.

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This here: :slight_smile: Thanks for your patience!

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Thank was a fast fix. Thank you for your effort. My question is because doing math with what you provided will take over 160 hours to process everything. Is the new version going to be released after that? If not, what will be the state of the soundsets that were not processed yet?

I have found more official soundsets outside that window that were affected. Please follow this official thread for updates: