Syrinscape stuck in loading state


As prompted by the player I have downloaded and installed Syrinscape fantasy player Version: 1.4.3-20190527 - Windows.

When opened it gets to the loading page but does not progress from there.
I’ve left it for long periods of time (over an hour) in case it was just slow to start up.
I’ve tried Uninstalling, & clearing folder, restarting and re-installing (fresh download). but get the same issue persists.
I’ve checked the firewall, permissions are fine.

Syrinscape Sci-Fi player (V1.3.3-20160816) still loads and runs fine (I have not updated this player).

I’m running a windows 10, 64-bit operating system.

Any suggestions?
If you can point me to the older version of Syrinscape Fantasy I’d be happy to install that to see if it’s specific to V1.4.3 or my machine.

Thanks in advance,


Do you still have the install file of the previous version at hand and can try a reinstall of the old version? My guess is that the old version was cleared by your AV solution but the new one isn’t. But better check and be safe than sorry. :slight_smile:


Thanks New_Vision,
I don’t have the old install file, but if you know where I can acquire it from I’ll can try that?


Hey @sonofconan any thoughts here and/or a link to an older installer?


@swashbuckle101 @benjamin There’s a “previous version” link right below the big green download button for each app/platform on the download page, with links to the 5 most recent older versions.

It’s odd that the Sci-Fi player works but Fantasy does not. That should rule out firewall/router configuration as a problem (unless it’s a software firewall that does per app blocking).

Sometimes the Windows registry data for your Windows user account get get messed up, and this may not be fixed by an uninstall and reinstall of the app. You can try creating a new Windows user account and try to run the app as that user.


Thanks @sonofconan

Good luck @swashbuckle101 :crossed_swords:

Let us know how you get on!


Thanks @benjamin and @sonofconan you are both heroes and ballads shall be sung of your glorious deeds!

I hadn’t spotted the previous versions link, thanks for pointing it out.

For testing / feedback purposes I tried installing and running each version in reverse chronological order with the firewall disabled. Each version had the same issue until syrinscape-win-1.3.3-20160816 which I think would have been the version I originally had installed. This worked fine firewall running or not. (thank you).

For some of the versions tested I still received the alert that a new version was available (with firewall on) though not proceeding past the loading screen. So it may not be a fire wall issue.

Once version 1.3.3 was installed it had retained the downloaded soundsets and Custom Moods. This suggests I hadn’t deleted the cache and may be the reason the newer versions of Syrinscape had trouble.

For trouble shooting purposes (in case others have the same issue) where is the cache / sound files etc stored on a windows PC?
I had assumed with the .exe file (in this case C:\Program Files (x86)\SyrinscapeFantasyPlayer)

Let me know and I’ll run a few experiments to see if I can get the latest version running.

Thanks in advance,
p.s. I love Syrinscape, it’s one of my favorite GM tools, thank you for creating such awesome software.


@swashbuckle101 can you also take a look at and see how many blessed devices you have? It’s possible that the device ID has changed with the newer versions and you are running into the blessed devices limit (3). You can remove blessed devices from that page and then try the latest version again.


Thanks @sonofconan I’ve removed a device to get it to 2 just in case. I ran a test and the SciFi player updated wonderfully. I have a game coming up so will hold off updating the Fantasy Player until after then.

One thing I did notice is the fantasy player (old version) has a lot of out of date soundsets (nearly 50 to update), so I’m updating them. I’m wondering if this may have been an issue for the new version of Syrinscape. Dos the newer version of the player update the soundsets when first installed? If so, that may explain why it was stuck in a loading state.

Anyway I’ll experiment again once my game is done and let you know :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help.


@swashbuckle101 Odd. There was one change that did a local migration of soundset data to a new directory structure, but that change was in 1.3.3 I believe which is the one that works for you, and it snould not take a long time or trigger re-downloading soundsets.

If your soundsets are outdated anyway though, you could try clearing all your existing soundtset data in the working 1.3.3 then upgrading, to see if that works any better.

You could also try making a new test user account on your computer (Windows/Mac account, not Syrinscape account), then login as that user and run the app. Sometimes local user settings for the app can cause a problem and this test should help us determine if it’s a problem with those local user settings or the system in general.


Thanks @sonofconan once I’ve run the game I have planned, I’ll give those suggestions a try. Thank you for your help :slight_smile: