Syrinscape Sounds Copyright Claim


Good afternoon. I was using the church sound from the tabletop music section and when the video was uploaded to YouTube I had a copyright strike against the video stating that it is owned by HAAWK Publishing. As this isn’t the first time I have uploaded videos that have had strikes flagged from Syrinscape music I wanted to make sure everything was okay or if I need to add something to YouTube so they will not get flagged. Thanks in advance.


Is that the “Tabletop Music” soundset? That’s a fantastic community built soundset rather than an official Syrinscape one. BUT with that said all of the music in that soundset is composed and performed by @davinci522 so nobody apart from him should have any reason to claim copyright


That’s annoying…

Can you forward the copyright strike details… and we’ll check the specifics!

The actual time is stamped, correct?

Drop us an email at support at syrinscape dot com!


I have not submitted any copywriter strikes. I am thinking it’s the Gregorian chants with the organ right? Frankly the only place the church chant song is available is syrinscape. I haven’t even uploaded it to soundcloud or my own YouTube. I tried doing a search for that Publisher and can’t find anything. If I can help get it the strike removed let me know.


I sent a private shared link (the video doesn’t get released until Friday) to the video to support. The audio in question takes place from 2:00:41 - 2:02:37