Syrinscape Shows

Hey everyone,

I’m sure I’ve posted this here before and I promote it all over social media every week but just incase you’ve somehow missed it, let me introduce you to SoundSet Roulette.

SoundSet Roulette is a community focused show, about an hour long where you guys can come and hear about the latest Syrinscape releases, community highlights and then we’ll make a randomly generated Soundset together in the Master Interface which I know for some folks can seem intimidating and scary. It’s my job to make it less scary.

Come along and learn some things, ask some questions and help with the SoundSet.

Tuesdays at 12pm PT/ 3pm ET/ 8pm GMT at

Hope to see you there.

Love the show have been watching for a couple of weeks now, even going through the old ones and trying to recreate what you did has been such a great help. the souds already on here are great but if you want to make something yourself or personal then Watch Vicki as she does a great job running you through it step by step.

Not only does she do a great job she is pretty funny and interacts also with the viewers who chat along, takes advice from people as to what things could be added so it really feels like you are also helping create something.


Thanks so much @evil_scotsman1974 :slight_smile: It’s been great having you in chat and I’m super glad you’re learning stuff and you’re finding it useful.

Did you hear that guys, I’m pretty funny? Who knew.