Syrinscape Random Lobby Playlist

Hello All :),

I am not sure where to put this.

So I am fairly new to syrinscape, but completely new to customising it.

Today, I wanted to create a lobby playlist, so that I can play some nice random music to people in fantasy grounds whilst I am waiting for people to get setup and join etc. I watched the video tutorials and my first attempt went like this:

  1. I created a new custom mood based of DIA Baldur’s gate music.
  2. I proceeded to delete all the unnecessary elements (which were all of them except one).
  3. I then found and searched elements with “Music” in the title, listened to some and added those elements.
  4. I then went to each element and changed the cross over settings (to 5) and start delay settings (to 0).
  5. I then pressed play, nothing happened. I then clicked them all, everything played at once. I then realised my mistake :frowning: haha.

Attempt number 2:

  1. I realised that samples had to be added to one single element.
  2. I tried to drag an element onto the element playlist to copy the elements samples, this did not work :frowning:.
  3. So I had to go to each element individual, find out what their samples were, and add those samples to the element. This took quite a long time.
  4. It now seems to work though :slight_smile:.

My thoughts/suggestions:

  1. Be able to drag an element onto an existing elements playlist, and it copies all the samples across.
  2. There seems to be a bug where if I play a sample, it does not stop even if you press the big stop button at the top of the screen.
  3. The sample search is not easy, be nice if we could break it down by soundboard/mood etc.
  4. Download remote control links is essential for me, be good if there was an option to download the current soundboard remote control links.

Thanks for the amazing product, love it :).