Syrinscape Radio

Hey all, I excited to show you this!

Syrinscape Radio!

Syrinscape Radio is accessed through our Online Player and is FREE to ALL Syrinscape users. Whether you’re looking for some serene noises while you work from home, or some Cthulhu creepiness while you let off a little steam, give it a go… I think yoou’ll like it!

Keep in mind that this is in beta, so if your Online Player seems broken or stuck, a quick restart of the Online Player App usually fixes things.
Stay safe and GAME ON!

Head here to get started:
And then return with suggests for what else we could do with this fun toy!

Hope you like it!


I’ve been doing this for about a month. This is great!

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I LOVE this radio!

What I would love even more is a way to tell what soundset is currently playing. Often times I hear something on this radio, and tell myself, “Oh my god, I SO WANT to play this during a session”, but I have no idea what it is that I am currently listening to.

Food for thought @benjamin



That’s actually something that we are already looking to add :slight_smile:


Yes, yes, I know, I haven’t been around for a few months, but I am keeping up to date on some things. But, this whole part of the project is awesome!


This, along with everything else being developed for Syrinscape Online, will be really awesome once SO runs right out of the web browser.

The need for a download, on desktop, puts a damper on the feature set.

Not an important enough question to need its own thread, but what avatar is being pulled onto the Control Panel? It’s an avatar I’m familiar with, but would like to change it if possible. It’s not the same one from here on the forums.


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Hmmm… interesting questions. I’ll ask @sonofconan :smiley:

It’s from gravatar. You should be able to login there and change it.

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How do I turn off the radio and play my normal stuff??
So I launched the online player, a the radio automatically started playing, without me even being into anything.
So then I logged into the online manager, and I started playing some of my soundsets, but nothing is playing, only the darn radio. I hit the stop button and nothing, I checked all over the website for the radio, and I can’t find it.
Can someone help me please?

I figured it out. It isn’t user friendly at all, so hopefully this will help others:

Go here:

Then leave the “radio game” you are connected to. Then close your player, and open it back up again. Now when you play normal soundsets, it should play fine.

Yeah. It seems at the moment that you need to shutdown and restart the Online Player App to successfully LEAVE a Radio Channel. We’ll work to fix that.


Bit late, but yes! Thank you!