Syrinscape ProTip #31 - How to use DOE Sound Extension to Trigger Sounds in Syrinscape on a Mac


I had a request, so below are the steps I took to get FG and DOE Sound Extension to work with Syrinscape in Wine to be able to trigger sounds, but I don’t go through how to use DOE Sound Extension and Syrinscape.

It takes a little work, but is not too difficult and will be worth it for the added sound effects. This would require you starting with a fresh install of FG, though you could move your existing campaign data over to this new location.

I am running macOS 10.13.6 - High Sierra, with Wine 4.0 Stable, FG from Windows installer and Syrinscape Fantasy player from Windows installer. I don’t have a Syrinscape subscription, so I was just using the free sounds to test this theory out.

Downloading the software

Go here:
Get: Installer for “Wine Stable” 4.0

Fantasy Grounds
Go to FG site and Download the Windows installer

Go to Syrinscape and download the Windows installer

Installing FG and Syrinscape in Wine
After installing Wine go into you applications folder and double click on Wine Stable application. You’ll see a terminal window come up with a welcome to Wine message. Now in this window type winefile and hit return.

You’ll see some text scroll and then you’ll see a small window popup saying that wine is being updated. After about 10 seconds or so you’ll see the wine file manger window appear.

Now in the Wine file manager navigate to your download folder and look for the FG installer you just downloaded and double click on it and go through the routine install.

Now do the same for the Syrinscape installer.

Showing the Wine folder and making shortcuts
In the Finder go to your user it will have your name with the little house icon in the sidebar of the finder and perform the following CMD + SHIFT + .

That will show the the Wine folder which is normally hidden, so look for a folder called .wine it should appear faded. Inside this folder you’ll see a folder called drive_c and in there is user > “your username” > Application Data > Fantasy Grounds.

Here is where you could copy over all your data from your previous version. Your can just drag this folder over to your sidebar and make a shortcut to it.

Also in the drive_c folder in Program files you see the folder for FG and Syrinscape. Go inside of each one of these folders and right click on the .exe files and pick get info. Under open with click on the drop down and pick wine stable. Now right click on each of these and create an alias and drag them to the applications folder. Now when you want to start these programs you can just click on them and they’ll launch.

Now click on FG and Syrinscape alias you made and launch the programs. Following the instructions for using the DOE Sound Extension and Syrinscape to enable 3rd party app integration and enjoy.

DOE:Sound & Syrinscape On A MAC (or Linux)

Fantastic, thanks for writing this up @dmbrown!