Syrinscape ProTip #31 - Creating Syrinscape Shortcut Links in Fantasy Grounds for Pathfinder Playtest


Ok, so some of you use Fantasy Grounds and know how to create sound links to play Syrinscape from directly within Fantasy Grounds. However, at this time, the extensions that are typically used (DOE: Sounds) can’t be used with the Pathfinder Playtest Ruleset. So, if you want to be able to trigger sounds within Fantasy Grounds for Syrinscape (and this process can be used to play mp3’s, etc from your hard drive also), look at the process below and watch the short video I created showing how to do it. Hope this helps some of you. And if you are using the 5e or other CoreRPG rulesets and aren’t using the DOE extensions, you need to!

Syrinscape Sound Link Process:

  1. Open Syrinscape, enable 3rd party sounds and click on the + sign for the sound mood or one-shot that you want to create a trigger for.
  2. Right click somewhere on your windows desktop and click on “new”, then “shortctut”
  3. Paste the syrinscape url that you copied and click “next”
  4. Name the shortcut whatever you want but make sure there are no spaces (e.g. ForceMissile and not Force Missile)
  5. Save the shortcut to whatever location you want
  6. Open the shortcut you just created and right click on it and select properties
  7. Go to the security tab
  8. Copy and paste the “object name” that appears in the window into FG chat
  9. note that the string will look something like this: ‪C:\Users\Allen\Downloads\statuetrap.url
  10. change the wording in the FG chat window to the following structure exactly as I type it: file:///C:Users/Allen/Download/statuetrap.url
  11. Hit "enter) You should see a link now in chat and the word (LINK)

Now you can trigger those links from a story entry or wherever you want within Fantasy Grounds. Happy Gaming! Here is a short video showing the process:

Syrinscape Link Creation


For some clarification: while this technique will work in some instances it will also cause issues if and when you try to export any such links into Fantasy Grounds Modules. A technique very similar to this was the basis of early versions of the DOE: Sound, which we subsequently discovered caused the issues outlined above, and so a different technique (require detailed coding, which was incorporated into subsequent version of the DOE: Sound) was developed that removes any such issues.

As far as the DOEs and the new Pathfinder v2 Ruleset is concerned (all of them, not just the DOE: Sound) it is being worked on and will be updated/made available as soon as possible.

My advice, having worked with FG, Syrinscape and sounds in general for several years now, is to save yourself some grief and not follow the technique outlined above but to be patient and wait for the DOE: Sound update. Of course, this only applies if you are attempting to use any sounds (from any source) with Fantasy Grounds.

Of course, the choice is yours - feel free to listen to the creator of the DOE: Sound and the developer/discoverer of how to get sounds and FG working, or not. :slight_smile:



I can see that waiting for the update from Dulux_Oz will be nice as I’ve just set that up for regular pathfinder.

In the meantime I’ve used the instructions from Gwydion and it works, as long as the files are on the desk top. I’ve tried different variations from dropbox to creating a folder in the FG directory called sounds and even just a sub folder on my desktop.

The only was it seems to work is if the shortcut is on the desktop. This is on a Windows 7 pro machine (in my office)

Any suggestions or ideas as to why?

Thanks for your help guys. I like your work


Dulux_Oz, U RoK. Your work on FG is great.


I’ve followed all the steps, I get the Link icon, but the link only opens my drive, not even the folder. I’ve done cut & paste, typing it in, but I get the same result. The shortcuts work, but FG doesn’t like them. Am I missing something?


So here is how I got it to work. All steps 1-9 are correct, for me at least. Then I used Dulux_Oz’ current DOE. So my steps are:

10 Open Sound in FG
11 Open Setup in the Sound window
12 Create New Soud (click Red Don’t symbol or whatever that is, click the Green Plus to add new).
13. Paste the “Object Name” in the Sound String window.
14. Click the Green Plus symbol & a Purple Treble Clef icon should appear.
15. Name it what you want
16. Drag the Purple icon onto your Map & it becomes a pin activation.

That is where I’m at now. Opening it from the dragon icon only opens the Sound Window. I’m going to keep at it & Update as I discover things.


Don;t drag the Purple Icon to the Map directly (it’ll break with Modules/Exporting).

Instead, create a MiniList, drag the SoundLink to the MiniList (or more than one SoundLink, if you like) and then drag the MiniList to the Map to form the Pin.