Syrinscape ProTip #29 - What speaker setup works best for me?

Hello everyone:

I would like to make using Syrinscape as easy as possible. I would like to run it off of my iPad Pro. What sort of speakers would work best and be the easiest to set up? I would guess that powered Bluetooth speakers would be the way to go, but I would love to hear some suggestions.


Hi!! :slight_smile:

And, mainly, welcome! (at the moment I am using a JBL Extreme 2 = gorgeous.

Here’s good place to start. though I’d love to hear other peoples setup preferences.

I use Altec Lansing bluetooth speakers with my iPhone. The speakers are rechargeable and you can use one in Mono or two in Stereo. Very small, portable and easy to setup with great sound.

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I’m a little late to the thread, but wanted to share my setup. I run Syrinscape (and much of my other DM tools and resources) on my laptop, with the audio piping through a StarTech 7.1 external USB sound card and out to Logitech Z906 5.1 surround sound speakers. The center speaker is behind and above me on the wall, with the front left and right speakers in the corners also behind me. The rear surrounds are in the other two corners, so the game room is filled with audio.

Recessed can lighting in the ceiling hold Yeelight multicolor LED bulbs, and I use an automation app on my Android phone called Tasker to send commands simultaneously to the lights and Syrinscape (yay 3rd party app integration!), allowing me to trigger audiovisual events like a bright flash of yellow-red to accompany the sound of an explosion, for example.

And then the final bit of immersion is the 32" digital mapboard we play around, a TV in a nice wooden frame with USB charging ports for people’s tablets/phones, set flat on the table. It also provides a handy means for displaying art depicting scenery, characters, and monsters to the players.

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