Syrinscape ProTip #20 - getting the most out of music tracks you import into the Creator


To get the full quality stereo spread out of a music track in Syrinscape (ie you want the music track to sound like a movie music score and not an integrated part of the sound environment), you will need to:
On the sample set the “Enable 3D positioning” checkbox to UNCHECKED.

Otherwise the sound will be positioned in the 3D environment according to the settings in the element.

Can anyone think of a clearer way of saying this?


How does Syrinscape mix the channels in this case?

For example, lets use a typical music file from a CD, so a 2 channel stereo wav file playing on a 5.1 (or 7.1) system? In my system, it seems stereo audio is primarily driven over the front LR channels and usually louder than if it was a 5.1 source. (if that makes sense)


That’s exactly correct… as far as I understand it.
The music is then completely out of the 5.1 mix and not part of the environment at all.

Which is pretty much what movies do.