Syrinscape ProTip #19 - Pointers for running a live rpg show


Hi everyone! Experienced GM but Syrinscape noob here. :grin:
This message is primarily aimed at Ben and/or anyone involved with the LiveRPG+ shows.
I’ve enjoyed watching the LiveRPG+ shows on YouTube and the way you ensure that everyone has a good time. My hometown is going to be hosting its first ComicCon this year and my table top gaming club is going to be involved with promoting rpgs as well. One of the initiatives we have planned is to host a live rpg show with some local personalities as guest players. My understanding is that it’s easier to host a game like this at a gaming convention where the audience are primarily comprised of gamers but the majority of my audience will be noobs. But what I love about the LiveRPG+ format is that EVERYONE has a chance to get involved and I’m looking for oodles of fun and creative thinking from the audience. 3 out of my 4 players are also new to the experience and I would like them to be comfortable and express themselves. I have never run a live show before but I love the hobby too much to allow this opportunity to pass by. So my question is: can you offer any advice for helping to promote rpg’s to the masses?


Hi @alister77, welcome to Syrinscape. That sounds awesome and yes @benjamin is the pro when it comes to LiveRPG+, picture him as a small dwarf in a red robe magically appearing but with slightly more hair! :smile:

Ben will definetely be able to give you some pointers on how to run a good event and how best to integrate Syrinscape into it. That will also make a great guide for the ProTips so thanks for asking!

Syrinscape (Ben specifically) will be hosting more LiveRPG+ events this year so if you go to any of the major gaming cons be sure to keep an eye out for him!


OK. LiveRPG+ has worked really well for us.

If you want to use the name, and link through to us, then we can cross promote for you.

I reckon this one is the best to use as a model:

  1. Have four players who are ready to have fun and role with the punches
  2. Start by explaining to the audience what’s going to happen and what you expect from them
  3. Let each player introduce their character
  4. Then ask the audience to apply: a personality trait, something the PC is wearing
  5. Create a fun encounter (you can use any of ours if you like. Big battles in very inappropriate places work well. Chaos plus social awkwardness is great.
  6. Let the audience make all the big decisions
  7. Reward creativity and humour
  8. Move FAST FAST FAST = never get bogged down in a rule
  9. If a player hesitates, demand immediate action or let the audience decide what they do
  10. Haflway through, let the audience give each PC a random magic item that they have to employ in their next turn
  11. Have fun and see what happens.

How does all that sound?

Ask more questions if you like! :smile:


Thanks for the pointers @Benjamin ! I have another question which is a little trickier. I don’t know if any kids will be in the audience but I don’t want to have angry parents/guardians complain about our use of colourful language, lol! I’m wondering if I should add a disclaimer before the show about viewer discretion or simply ask during the introduction if there are any under 12’s. I don’t want to dissuade people from bringing their kids along but I don’t know which is the best option to handle this.

By the way, I know I mentioned Ben but I would also welcome advice from anyone on the forum. :blush:


This is a GREAT point.

So I reckon, if you specifically say, “let’s keep it PG everybody, but let’s definitely try and get some fart jokes in there, to show how grown up we all are”.

Something that is clear, but also fun… then strictly speaking you did ask… so if someone says something lewd then it’s not your fault.


Thanks for the tips so far @benjamin !

I’m going to be interviewed by the local TV station in 2 days time so I have 3 & a 1/2 minutes to help promote our tabletop gaming club and the show…then it just dawned me, what do I call it? Is Live RPG Plus copyrighted? Will it make a difference that we’re playing D&D and not Pathfinder? I was going to mention you and the rest of the Dicestormers as the main inspiration anyway but with marketing for the convention about to go into overdrive over Easter, I’m not sure if to call it Live RPG Plus or something else? Some advice here would be great.

Also, you mentioned about cross promotion. What would that entail and how would that work?



Hi, :smile:

So yes, definitely call it LiveRPG+ (“Live RPG Plus”)

In fact which actual typed version do you think looks best?

And yes, mention the Dicestormers.

It doesn’t matter what rule system you use, we usually mangle whatever rules we use beyond belief anyway! :smiley:

It’d be great to mention that people can acatch LiveRPG+ at UKGamesEXPO and PaxAUS as well.

Need anything else?


Thanks @benjamin for letting us use the name, I hope to maintain the proud tradition of LiveRPG+ alive with much mirth and merriment while embracing the chaos. :grin:

One other point I wanted to touch upon is ‘incentive’. Because I suspect most of the audience will be new to the rpg experience I thought about perhaps having flyers issued out at the entrance with a glossary of common rpg terms. I also intend to have them numbered so that we can raffle some game-related prizes at the end such as miniatures, tankards, starter sets etc. Another incentive I thought to get the crowd warmed up is the possibility of having the first 20 people to offer the funniest suggestions get drink vouchers.

In short, I’m just trying to bribe them into participating but I don’t want to overdo it or make it seem like I’m trying too hard (anyway who doesn’t like free drinks?!). It’s all in the name of fun after all but I’m hoping to hear your thoughts on this.