Syrinscape ProTip #11 - Organizing your OneShots in Syrinscape

Learn how you can make a custom SoundSet with everything you need available all in the one place.

Just watch my face at 5:45 when it all works first go without anything going wrong! :smiley:

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This needs to be included in the normal subscriptions. Being able to customize our background effects is great, but backgrounds are generally something we load up and leave running for a period of time. The one shots are needed “on the fly.” Having to pause the game to scramble to find the perfect one shot for what just happened absolutely ruins the effect of using it in the first place.

Rogue rolls a 1 on a disarm trap attempt
DM: You set off the trap! Ok… wait a moment… not this one… nope, not here… oh, there we go!
plays sound effect


@sparkaddiction As in you want the Creator at no extra cost from the Fantasy Sub?

btw the: if you’re using PC, check out 3rd party integration… it’s a great way of getting quick access to thing deep in the Syrinscape interface.

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The full creator? Being able to upload custom sounds, mix volume levels, etc. No, that thing is spectacular and deserves a premium subscription.

Now, as a normal subscriber, we are able to create our own custom background themes. It doesn’t have the added perks of the full Creator, but it allows us enough control to get the job done rather nicely. What’s hurting us, is the lack of control over the one-shots. We have some that are permanently on screen once we install the associated module. We also have some that are on screen only when a module is on the active page. A dungeon crawl might need “Grinding Stone” from the “Dungeon Depths” module, “Trapped Hallway” from “Kobold Lair” module, various weapon/spell attacks from the Fighter/Rogue/Wizard/Cleric modules, etc.

A simple add/remove option for the “always available” one shots would be a huge quality of life improvement :smile:

I haven’t looked into 3rd party options- other than this gripe, I’ve found Syrinscape to be all I’ve needed for running games. Thanks for the awesome work here!


Cool. Yes, we hear you.

What device are you running Syrinscape on?

I’m using a PC running Windows 7 Home Premium. Our gaming set up is the PC running a VTT and Syrinscape, using a TV laid flat as second monitor for our maps/miniatures. Since everyone is sitting in the same room, I’m using a pair of simple computer speakers to broadcast the sound.

Wow, sounds cool!

Sooooo… on PC you can use the 3rd party option to make a series of Shortcuts you can keep in a directory on your desktop and simply double-click each shortcut when you want to trigger a sound.

That way you can collect MOODs and ONESHOTs from all over the app and trigger them without having to navigate through the App.

Makes sense?

Totally - that sounds like an easy work around, thanks!

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I’d love to be able to pin or remove oneshots from the global bar. Is this likely to happen?

Hi @dinkypin That sort of customisation is done in the Syrinscape SoundSet Creator (as in the video at the top of this thread). EXCEPT that it’ll be the NEXT version of the Creator that can designate OneShots as Global (which will make them appear in the Global area).

So… stay tuned! :smile:

Okay, thanks for quick reply! If Creator subscription lapses, do we get to keep edits we’ve made?

As long as you maintain ANY level of Subscription you’ll maintain access to all your stuff in your Players.

This includes our new cheapest sub option, called “Server Access” which is $5/m, just to cover our hosting and serving and maintenance costs.

Thanks! And just to clarify, no plans to add that specific function to the basic app without a subscription? I buy my soundsets individually at the moment and hunting through the menu to find the right oneshot slows down the flow of the game.

Seriously though, thank you for this app. It’s incredible!

I have a full subscription but even I would like a quick and easy way to add one-shots to the global (or even to a custom mood tab) quickly and on the fly without needing to go through all of the advanced tools in the creator. Just something to organize quickly before a game!


Yep. We hear you.

It would take quite a BIG rebuild of the Player to do this… but it’s definitely on our list of things we COULD do… given time+money etc. :smile:

The more people ask for it, the higher it goes up the list.


If this is still a possibility I want to add a +1 to it.

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In the meantime: :smiley:

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Thanks Benjamin. I looked at the video, and as I understand it, I would need to use Super Syrin to make changes to the Oneshots. Don’t I need to subscribe to Super Syrin to use it? I do love to do my mixes, so I’m eventually going to subscribe to it, but the budget won’t allow the increase of what I’m currently subscribed too right now. If I do have to subscribe to make changes to the Oneshots, I can continue copying the link into Realm Works that I use for my games.

Yep, it’s a SuperSyrin that unlocks all the:

  1. customisation-ness features in the Online Player
  2. Online remote play
  3. lots of amazing community content
  4. actual puppies… :wink: