Syrinscape ProTip #10 - Selecting Audio Output device (on PC)

You CAN do this!

Here’s how:

  1. Syrinscape will get stuck on whatever the default output device is AT THE TIME OF START UP.
  2. So simply select your desired output device (eg Virtual Audio Cable)
  3. Start Syrinscape
  4. Syrinscape is now ‘set’ to that Output device
  5. Now make whatever other changes you like

Works for people?!

Does this advice refer to iOS, or Android, or?

On PC. :smile:

Do you need help with sound on iOS or Android, @evan?

Hi Benjamin! Love your app, content and overall your enthusiasm.

I’m imagining sticking to iOS (iPad), but if you tell me I’ll have a better time on a Windows PC, then I could switch to a touch-screen Windows ultrabook.

I’m hoping though to produce audio from your app to speakers via wireless Apple AirPlay. Does that work well?

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I’m actually not sure about AirPlay. Why don’t you give it a try and let me know. :slight_smile:

Alas, no. I can use Apple AirPlay from some apps, but not Syrinscape. No audio is produced.

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Good to know.

Syrinscape will play over BlueTooth… if that helps…

Counting on it! Planning now on going from an iPad to a nearby Bluetooth speaker. I really love the moods I have contrived for my group’s upcoming D&D 5e Curse of Strahd adventure.

That said, as an experiment today I tried installing Syrinscape on Windows 10, on an HP Elitebook Folio G1 (12" ultabook), with a high-DPI touchscreen. Three bits of feedback:

  1. The Syrinscape app seems to not use HTTP web-proxy settings from the system, and thus cannot connect to content for downloads on such wifi networks. We all hate HTTP-proxies, but in some rare corners of the world they’re still a fact of life…

  2. The UI looks pretty awful on startup on the high-DPI Windows 10 display. I used the options to up the display rendering to 200% and then things were A-OK, but it was still painful at first getting my bearings; and then this fix has to be repeated upon each time I start the app.

  3. Windows 10 ‘touch’ scrolling doesn’t seem to work on the columns of your UI. I cannot touch scroll for instance the list of sound-sets.

  1. You’ve zoomed in on the SYRINSCAPE settings, right? We’ll fix the faxt that it doesn’t remember the ZOOM setting on the next build.

  2. Yeah, it’s been annoying that Unity doesn’t like touch scrolling on Windows. You can grab the scrollbar… but it IS narrow!

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It seems like a pretty big oversight for Syrinscape to get hung up and ignore Windows settings. I set the playback device through the App volume and device preferences menu in Windows 10, but Syrinscape still doesn’t play as it should.

It defeats the purpose of having a default playback device if you have to change it every time you open an app.