Syrinscape Pro Tip #23 - Using Audio Router to switch the playback for Syrinscape in windows


Ok. We all know that Syrinscape does not have a way to select an audio playback. So, many of us use programs like Voicemeeter Banana to separate audio and then assign Syrinsacpe to a virtual audio cable. To do this, though, before we launch Syrinscape we need to remember to change the windows default playback to whatever we assigned Syrinscape to and once Syrinscape is fully launched, we need to change it back. I’m human and sometimes I forget to put the playback default back, accidentally shut down Syrinscape, etc…

There is an alternate way to select the audio playback device for Syrinscape using audio router. It works well for me. There are still a few steps involved but it still prevents me from having to remember the playback device thing, launching and relaunching Syrinscape, etc. Step by step instructions on using with Voicemeeter Banana are attached. I hope this helps some of you! Note - I don’t know if there is a download for audio router for the Mac, so I reference windows only in my post.


FYI: Windows 10 now has a native way of doing this. (As of Windows 10 version 1803 … if you don’t see the option, check if there’s a pending upgrade through Windows Update!)

Under Settings -> System -> Sound, there’s an option for “App volume and device preferences”

You can then change the Syrinscape player to output from whichever device - be it physical or a virtual cable.

It will remember this setting every time you load it.


Additional screenshot:


That’s great! thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Hey, Jye. Thanks for posting. I’m definitely aware of that functionality in windows 10, but unless something changed, it doesn’t work for syrinscape. I’ve tried it several times and it does show that the input device is set but syrinscape still only opens up in whatever default device is set when you launch it. If you have confirmed that this functionality actually works now definitely let us know. I just tried it myself and it still doesn’t work for me. Keep us posted though!


Ok, I stand corrected - that is the strangest thing I’ve seen. It does control the volume just fine (which is what I was testing originally, since I only have one decent sound device), but doesn’t seem to obey which device it was told to use.

Which version of Unity is it built with? There was a bug regarding sound outputs that was fixed in a newer release, which this could be related to.


No problem at all. I appreciate you searching for things that improve syrinscape! I’ll let someone else chime in on the Unity version… Not sure…


On windows you can use nircmd (see bottom of the page for download) and a batch file to set up a nice shortcut to change default output device, launch syrinscape and finally change the default output device back.

Steps to do this:

  1. Download nircmd and extract nircmd.exe to a folder.
  2. Make 2 new text documents and change the file extension to .ncl
  3. Add the text shown below to the 2 files.
  4. Create a new file and change the extension to .bat.
  5. Add the text shown below to the bat file.

Now, whenever you need to start syrinscape with another default output device and change back, you just click the bat file.

In the following files, it is assumed that you want to hange syrinscape to the audio output named “CABLE Input” and that the default audio should revert back to the output named “Speakers”.


File 1 - Speakers.ncl

setdefaultsounddevice “Speakers”

File 2 - Syrinscape.ncl

setdefaultsounddevice “CABLE Input”

File 3 - Syrinscape.bat

<path_nircmd>\nircmd.exe” script “<path_nircmd>\Syrinscape.ncl”
START “” “<path_syrinscape>\Syrinscape Sci-Fi Player.exe”
<path_nircmd>\nircmd.exe” script “<path_nircmd>\Speakers.ncl”

<path_nircmd> should be replaced with the path to the folder with nircmd and the files.

<path_syrinscape> should be replaced with the path to syrinscape. If you want to open syrinscape fantasy player that should also be changed in the bat file.

Note that the timeouts in that bat file are used to delay the changes to the sound output. I didn’t experiment too much with the timing, but since syrinscape usually takes more than 5 seconds to load, the parameters used above have not been annoying to me.


Interesting. Seems like a cool little utility. Thanks for sharing!