Syrinscape player icon on my PC's taskbar? - RESOLVED


How do I set it so I click it and it just opens the player? I don’t wish to subscribe as I will ever need such a wealth of sounds and prefer to pay up front for a product, buying what I want as and when.

Right clicking on the downloaded player file and selecting pin to taskbar, as I would usually for software, it wouldn’t pin to the taskbar, so I had to create a shortcut and drag it there. As is, I have to keep clicking my saved file (or the link on my taskbar) to get it going. When I do, it automatically then opens up a further two icons on the takbar? This is a little annoying and takes up space. I am unable to delete one icon (1st of the 2 that open up), deleting the 2nd deletes them both (leaving me with the initial icon that I started with).

When I click my saved file (or the link on my taskbar) to get it going, Windows asks me “Do you want to run this file” I click that and then have to click the windows allow pop up, then accept the agreement. It then pops up with the "Do I want this program to make changes so click next. Then click install,… click next and then click run I think it is. Can this not be simpler? Any other icon, I click, it opens, click again it minimises. Can you not simplify your player? I really like it, but it just seems to clag up my working bar. (I enclose picturs that show this) I am basically having to install it every single time.


I’ve already responded to your email about this, have you not received it?


Yes, I received an E-Mail Monday, 12 November, 2018 18:18, but that point wasn’t answered. everything else was. I can’t seem to have the player permanently set on my PC. I’m not great at IT as is, but seem to have to run round the roundabout. I’m having to download the player every time? and run through the process, rather than click an icon and sign in? I’d be happy to just click the saved player on my PC and then just access the sounds I’ve paid for. Am I missing something?


It might have been a bit easier to continue the conversation on the email rather than on here but It sounds like you are attempting to attach the install file to your taskbar, which is why everytime you click it you are re-installing the app.

You need to install the program as you would any other executable file, during installation you should get the option to create a shortcut or after successfully installing you can go to C:\Program Files (x86)\SyrinscapeFantasyPlayer and right click on Syrinscape.exe and tell it to send to desktop. If for some reason the program is not correctly installing then you may need to check to make sure that you don’t have any anti-virus software blocking the installation


I appreciate your time, especially at past 8 O’Clock. No exe file shows in Computer > Local disk C > Program files (x86) > Syrinscape Fantasy Player. I use Kaspersky, that shows that Syrinscape.exe is allowed and green to go basically, but I cannot find Syrinscape.exe on my PC? (even the Start menu search box does not find it). I went here as I was directed to the boards and understand that often details are already shown for problems. I couldn’t find anything, had a good look though.


Ok so lets go through the steps one by one and see if we can figure out where things are failing

  1. Download the latest PC version of the Sci-fi app from HERE
  2. In your downloads folder click double click on this file syrinscape-sci-fi-win-1.3.7-20180815.exe
  3. Click yes if asked do you want to allow this app to make changes to your system
  4. Click yes to the user agreement and click next to allow the app to install to the default position C:\Program Files (x86)\SyrinscapeSciFiPlayer
  5. Click yes on the next screen, asking about shortcuts. This will automatically place a shortcut on your system
  6. Click install and then once installed click next
  7. Click finish, either leaving the text boxed about running the program now ticked or unticked (Your choice)

The Syrinscape Sci-fi player shortcut should now appear on your desktop ready to use. Let us know how you get on


hang on, i download from that link, that syrinscape-sci-fi-win-1.3.7-20180815.exe then shows in my documents library. I click that and run through it, I agree to the user agreement, click next, it then shows a screen that states 2Ready to install" and “Click install to continue with the installation.” I click install, the green bar goes up, then shows a screen “please read the following information” and "congratulations message under that. I then click next, The last screen shows “Completing the Syrinscape Sci Fi Player set up wizard.” Under that, it states “Set up has finished installing Syrinscape Sci Fi Player on your computer. The application may be launched by selecting the installed shortcuts” Under that is a checked box stating “Run now.” I then click finish. It shows two icons on the task bar, one (I hover cursor over, it shows set up) the other is the actual player. If I click it, it max /minimises the player. If I close the player, both taskbar icons disappear. I’m sorry, I’m genuinely useless at IT.

Thank you also for amending my name (I did try to myself), is it possible to do so with my earlier posts (or delete them), I’m uncomfortable with it showing as is. Thank you.


I just tried one last time again today, as I spent near 5 hours on it yesterday, and was about to give up. I deleted everything else about Syrinscape, then did exactly as I did yesterday. This time it has put the Sci Fi player icon on my taskbar (just a single icon), clicking that it opens up the player. So today it works perfectly. I just then tried the Fantasy player, as I’d like to use both to keep them separate for different games, and that has the same issue that I experienced yesterday (two icons etc). Exactly the same problem and the same with the Boardgame player (although I havent purchased any software for these, so whether that is in part the issue?). Searching through my PC, I can see files that I can pin to the taskbar and now all is good with those.


Excellent, glad it’s all working properly for you now