Syrinscape Player (Android) Sets Downloading: Google's DNS required?


Solved this one on my own after asking! Problem was unrelated to Syrinscape; cause was local to me!##

Hello! I’m hoping someone on the support team can confirm my suspicions as to the cause of an issue I’m having.

While attempting to download several soundsets in the Syrinscape player, and I’ve noticed that on my home network the downloads fail to work. I was already aware of issues with using non-Google DNS with the Play Store, so I changed the network DNS to (previously was using Quad9) and that seems to have solved the problem.

Still I’d like to know for the future (and so I can advise other gamers with alternative networking choices of the issues that may arise): Does the Syrinscape Player require the use of for DNS to download soundsets?

Thanks very much for any clarification you can provide! If it turns out this wasn’t the issue I’ll be sure to update on my status!