Syrinscape Online


I think I have found a bug with the new Master UI. I currently have moods set to certain volumes because it works with my recording of the podcast. With the new server switch, when I play a mood, it doesn’t seem to recognize the volume it is set to start at. It just starts playing at 100% even though the volume slider is in the correct position. I have to adjust the volume then it jumps to the softer volume. I have a short video if you guys want to look at it. Audio Glitch video OBS doesn’t record my curser (sorry) but when the main music “Industrial Revolution” is changed you can hear a big difference. Do I need to delete and re upload my soundsets? (not too bad but a pain) or do you know if it is something server side?


Any info on this? It still seems to be happening. The first time I hit a mood all the elements play really loud. But if I turn the mood off and then back on they play at correct volumes.