Syrinscape Online - Soundset Creaton

I know its short notice but… (You can always watch later as well).

Never done this before but I set a youtube premiere video for 2 1/2 hrs from now (noon MT) where I cover how to create a syrinscape online soundset using sounds that you personally own outside of Syrinscape. Stop by to watch if you want!


Cool. I shall try to be around. :sunglasses::slightly_smiling_face:

What is MT? And when you say own, I pay subs for the online player. Is this different.

If I own sounds can I upload them to Foundry? From the Dungeon Of The Mad Mage soundest?

Sorry. MT is Mountain Time. You can watch it anytime now. If you pay for the supersyrin then you are good. You can’t upload sounds from syrinscape directly into foundry but I think some folks in the Foundry development community have been working on some integration. You might check that out.

I’ve put my name forward to beta test something between Syrinscape and Foundry. Thought this was another way to get these awesome sounds into my game while I wait. :joy:

Got it. I do have numerous videos with different options of getting sounds to players including:

using disocrd with second instance
cleanfeed (f/k/a obsninja)

and there are new solutions that work pretty well such as :slight_smile:
discord audio pipe

If you need help navigating just let me know and I can invite you to my discord and help you out.