Syrinscape Online SoundSet Creation Tutorial

I see there are videos for setting up your own campaign sound sets but has anyone actually typed these instructions out? I need this to create the main tab, the moods and the one-shot

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Hi @eclipse4449, welcome to the forum.

Not typed out but I put together this series for Syrinscape where I make custom SoundSets from beginning to end in the SoundSet Creator.

Hope these help. Feel free to skip through to whatever if most useful to you and if you have any questions, please ask :slight_smile:

They cover everything from creating a custom SoundSet from beginning to end, creating moods and even importing your own sounds.


Unfortunately, not all of us learn well from online videos. Some of us need step by step instructions that we can read. This especially helps when having multiple windows open, so you don’t have to keep pausing a video and rewinding it for the info you need. You’re already clicking back and forth between what you’re working on and what you’re learning from, so having to manage a video as well just makes it harder. Thats when text instructions are VERY helpful.


YES for the love of God do written instructions. Some of us do way, way better with those.


And I am actually going to cancel my SuperSyrin subscription because job/kids don’t have time to sit down with the computer and the videos and watch them over again, finding the right bit - it’s too time consuming. If I had written instructions I could do it as and when I had snippets of time. Really disappointed as I was so keen on this. So please reconsider the complete absence of written tutorials :disappointed_relieved:

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Heya, if you click on the the little question mark at the top of the inspector column when you have Elements or Moods or anything else open you will find detailed explanations of what each bit of the interface does.


Welp, I’d just like to say thank you for the work you put into the videos. Figured a comment w/o complaining was required. :slight_smile:

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Yay! You said the nice thing!

THANK YOU! :slight_smile: :pizza::beers: