Syrinscape online problem


So I turned on Syrinscape online on my laptop nr1 after newest update. It works fine. 4 other devices are connected to the game and they do not hear sound. Only one does and it is MacOS… Please help. We tried reinstalling, restarting, reinviting…everything.

No sound with Syrinscape Online Player - RESOLVED

Please try with the old version for now while we investigate this issue. Download links:

Also if you could help us investigate by answering the following questions:

  • What platform(s) (including version) do you have the problem? (e.g. Windows 10, iOS 13.6)
  • Do you also have the problem on a different platform?
  • Do you also have the problem with a different account?
  • Are there any configurations that are working for you on the same device, account, or network?
  • Unlink all your devices from the Syrinscape Online Control Panel and retry
  • Do you also have the problem with the latest Fantasy player? This app shares a common codebase but has additional options for selecting the speaker mode.
  • If the Fantasy player is also affected, does changing the speaker mode help?


Problem occurs on windows 10 but on 4 out of 5 connected accounts.
We tried unlinking already.
No configurations works on those devices.
We did not try Fantasy player yet


I dont know where to ask this:
is there any way to filter music besides the search field.
like filtering first for fantasy music, then searching…
it would help a lot…