Syrinscape Online Player: Not Responding

Running a game, no matter what I do I can seem to get my side of the Syrinscape Online player to work. My players can hear the sounds, but I cant tell whats playing, this has been happening for a week now.

Kinda frustrating


I am having the same issue, I cut my game short because I really need the immersion for the events in Easthaven (RotF). Please fix this ASAP. Thank you.


Hey both,

Thanks for letting us know. :slight_smile: …yes, looks like it’s been increasingly slow for the last two hours. :pensive: :frowning:

We had some server instability on Saturday night, and it looks like thing have heated up on the server again right now.

We are looking into it! Stay tuned!

Our brand new improved SEARCH (proof of concept) was deployed to the server about a week ago, and the new intense indexing is what is causing some issues right now.

You can expect things to be MUCH smoother again… as they had been for months… soon!

*hammers being applied now! :slight_smile:


To be clear, we had about an hour down time on US Pacific Saturday night (worst possible time) and a couple of hours right now…

…it does seem to be when there is the MOST presure on the server, though… which makes a certain amount of sense! :japanese_goblin: :pizza: :bug: :crossed_swords:


We’ve restarted the server (just the bit that was breaking)… so things should be working again now… we’ve also narrowed the cause down a chunk as well… so we are able to work on stopping that happening again.

Give it a try if you are able. Working for you again?


  1. sorry for the failure
  2. let us know as quickly as possible next time/if/when this happens again = NOT HERE, but rather via the support email so we see it straight away.
  3. THANKS for your support as subs!

Fantastic response time, thank you for your hard work and addressing the issue. Its all working on my end, had to relink my player but thats easy.

Appreciate it!