Syrinscape Online Player Keeps Crashing - FIXED

So I used the online player for the first time last night and my player and my player’s players continued to crash during the night. I also noticed that sometimes I couldn’t play a new sound and had to reload the master controller, which sometimes worked and sometimes required me to close and open up the player again. It didn’t seem to matter if sounds were playing or nothing had been playing for a while.

When I say crash sometimes the player would just quit on my system, the app would exit itself. Other times it would be loaded but wouldn’t play anything and I had to close and open it again manually.

Is there something I’m doing wrong with the online system? How do I keep the player from crashing or is that something that will just happen? Am I doing something wrong with the master controller?

Thank you!

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Same here. A single mood of my selfmade soundset and several original titles seem to crash the minion.

We still have a few bugs with Syrinscape Online, which we are working to hammer out (+4 Warhammers of bug squishing)

When you say several original titles seem to crash it for you, do you know which ones? I tend to find that it crashes for me shortly after first booting up but then works pretty well after that and I’ve not found any particular soundsets that have caused it a problem, so it would be really useful for us to know which ones are causing you the problem.

The more data we have the easier it it to fix things :slight_smile:

sure, just needed free time to check my last played titles again :slight_smile:
OS: Win 10, recent chrome version (if its necessary)

Right now it seems that its pretty much random, but i get 3 crashes out of 6 times testing the “Tiger battle” set and 2 crashes out of 6 while playing “Jungle (tropical)”.

If i copy these moods to a new selfmade soundset, jungle tropical runs smooth, tiger battle is crashing every time after about 10 secs of playing, but i guess this is some kind of another prob.

We are also having the same problem. The Online Player crashes at least once for at least one user per session. I tried to collect the crash files to send them to you but couldn’t find any. Doesn’t the Online Player anymore create them or if it does, where are they located?

Me too, crashed for myself and three other players. All on Win 10. Happy to send logs if helpful!

Looking forward to getting this great software running smoothly with Fantasy Grounds (The Minion-Master player not the full version which works very well :slight_smile:

I am getting the same, the Online Player stops responding. It keeps playing whatever the last signals it got from the Master, but doesn’t play any new sounds sent out from the master. Manually killing the process and re-launching seems to fix it, at least for a while.

Yeah. We have a good list of crash causing things for the Online Player. Sept+August is for getting the new version of the Players out and done… just the 3rd Party Integration AND the iOS version left to do now.

Oct is for getting the Online Player working REALLY nicely. Knowing the dev team, you’re gonna LOVE how smooth and responsive it’s gonna be by November.

Can NOT wait to get into it! :slight_smile:

@benjamin That’s great, as I’ve had players have it crash on their PCs (I’ve not had it crash in Wine though ) How do updates work for the player app, do users get notified that there’s an update available? Do the players update automatically? Is there somewhere we should subscribe for this info?

For the moment the forum is the best place to keep up to date with Syrinscape Online and it’s updates. Once the program comes out of beta and has it’s proper release we will do all the usual newsletters, social posts etc but for now here is definitely the best place :slight_smile:

Looking forward to the dev updates on this one. This is a brilliant idea and to have it stable for all players is a must!

Patiently waiting :heart_eyes:

Yup. We are working on the crashes right now.

Workarounds for the moment:

  1. avoid the pause button = death
  2. Be gentle, esp with the really busy SoundSets
  3. when it crashes just restart the Players (seems to recover pretty easily)

At the moment the crashes are actually completely crashing our dev environment (Unity), so it’s proving difficult to fix (we get not log info) = we’ll get there. :smiley:

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Thanks @benjamin for the update.

  1. Pause button is gone. Replaced by a STOP button that doesn’t destroy things
  2. Carious different bug fixes and performances have improved reliability…

No resent crash reports! Yay!

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I’m downloading the music from syrinscape on my laptop. But it keeps crashing after several downloads. Also during my recent gamesession, syrinscape crashed and closed itself multiple times.

The frequency that the program crashes increases the more I try to continue.

Any idea what I can do to fix this?
The laptop is newly bought, there are no other programs running during the downloads.

Heya Tim,

I presume by this you mean you are running the Fantasy Player?

Wanna reach out to us on support at syrinscape dot com and you’ll be able to share some more intimate details about your device and operating system etc so we can help you out. :slight_smile: :robot: :hammer:

I’m running the Syrinscape Fantasy Player (syrinscape.exe) from my laptop. And I’m fetching manifests and by doing so downloading the music.
Not much to say about my device, it’s a newly bought laptop. (aimed to use syrinscape from the laptop during my dnd sessions as dm). Laptop: Asus FX506HE, operating system: microsoft windows. (VRAM: 4GB, CPU: intel I5-11400H/BGA, storage 1TB, ram: DDR4 8G*2, OS Type: Win11 64 bit.)
I’m not a tech fellow, but it would be nice if this got fixed. I don’t have the margin during my sessions to launch syrinscape multiple times.
But I’m available for more information if needed. Thank you for your kind reply.

Note: It (Syrinscape fantasy player) also crashed during my previous session, while I was not downloading anything at all.

In the most recent game session, it has become clear that the fantasy player closes itself down (with an error message, which is gone too quickly to even read) after 1 hour. I reboot the program and 1 hour later it closes itself down again.
When I use the webplayer, there is no shut down issue. The fantasy webplayer is slower to respond in comparison to the installed fantasy player on my laptop.
Do you have any pointers that can help resolve this?