Syrinscape Online player getting more and more quiet every time I reconnect? - RESOLVED


So I’m soon to run a game on Fantasy Grounds for some friends, and I wanted to use the Syrinscape Online player to hear soundtracks and ambient affects when playing. However, I was finalizing adding the elements I wanted for the session and I realized that after I had disconnected and reconnected, the volume that the player was playing at was significantly lower. At first I thought it was a hardware issue on my end, but I checked and nothing had changed. So I disconnected and reconnected again and again the volume was even lower than last time, with the slider being maxed out to full volume.If I were to continue the volume would be entirely mute at some point. Is there a fix for this or should I just do a full uninstall/reinstall? Would that even fix the issue?


Solved: So I was being gaslit by my own peripherals. It was a mix of a hardware and a software issue, but not from the Syrinscape player itself, from windows. If anyone else ever has this issue, just to be safe do a full reinstall, a PC restart and unplug/replug your headset or speakers, making sure to select the correct output device on windows. Full volume immediately restored.

I Absolutely LOVE this program, it’s so incredibly helpful.


Fantastic to hear, glad that you managed to get everything working properly again :slight_smile: