"Syrinscape Online Player.app" can't be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software


When I try to install the app on macOS (10.15.2) I get the error above. I’ve gotten this with other software packages, and it indicates that a software update is needed (at least in the cases I’ve encountered with other apps). Please advise when this will be fixed.

Player can't be opened because apple cannot check for malicious software :(

@bill We’re working on an update that will be compatible with Catalina. But, I think the current build should still work. Try right click to open it instead of double clicking, and you can ignore/deny the prompt about monitoring keyboard. The app doesn’t actually need or use this permission, and the prompt is a side effect from being built with an old version of Unity.


Yeah. I ran the Online Player in Catalin yesterday. It took a couple of app shutdowns and restarts, but it did work in the end, once the OS was convinced I really DID want to run the thing I had literally double clicked on to run! :smiley:


It worked after a few attempts at your suggested work-around. Thanks for the help.