Syrinscape Online Player Android App Not Playing in Background

I’ve scoured the boards and could only find an .apk to “fix” this issue but only with the Fantasy Player.

The setup I’m aiming for is to be able to controll the audio from the Master Interface in my laptops browser and play to my linked phone that’s connected to a Bluetooth speaker. It works great, but I also have curated a playlist in Spotify to play in tandem to everything else that Syrinscape has to offer.

Is there any plans to update the Online Player’s Android app to be able to play in the background?

Yeah, this is NOT something we were able to work around in the end. There’s just no way of guaranteeing the app the processing power it needs once it goes into the background, and we found phones let the audio start breaking up once they got interesting in running other processes.

That said, running the app in multi-tasking mode (which you can do with the current latest build) works well for me on iPad… that keeps it in the ‘foreground’.

Also, consider trying the brand new shiny Web Player, that might give you a few options too?! Though performance on Android is not something we have dug into yet.