Syrinscape Online Player 1.4.7 p5 follows default sound device

I noticed a new version was available via a message in the player, so I downloaded and upgraded it. When I ran it, I noticed the sound output changed when I set my default device back to a different set of speakers. I had to downgrade it because the system sounds and random beeps and notification are going through my sound system along with Syrinscape!

I can’t find any configuration in the Online player to lock it to the sound device on startup like the older version. Is there a new way to lock the online player to a specific output device?

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We plan to add that feature to the online player soon. The latest version has upgraded through 4 major versions of Unity and been converted from UnityScript to C#. It’s possible that Unity is doing something different in its default audio device or speaker mode selection in some cases. I am investigating.

In the meantime, here are download links to the old version:

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I noticed the sound output changed when I set my default device back to a different set of speakers.

Noticed this issue as well. Dealbreaker. This breaks the only workaround for choosing a specific output device.

The new version randomly crashed on me too while I was preparing tonight’s game. Going back to the old version I think. Hope it works.

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I have the same issue with the non-online player one. I guess it’s the same change there.

Already downgraded back to 1.4.3 :-/

I dont know what the issue is, but with the old version i have sound, the new version produces 0 sound. i tried some setting and linking devices, nothing works

This issue still persists even in 1.4.10 :-/

Settings screen is coming SOON!

Then you’ll actually be able to select the output device AND the speaker setup.

Shouldn’t be too long now!

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Hi @benjamin, any update to this issue?

Hi @banterandchance,

Yes, this is working in an in-house version.

Being tested now, and the update will go out with the next released version (presuming it doesn’t explode in testing).

It was bizarre how unsupported this sort of setting was in the Unity core!!!

Thanks for your patience! :slight_smile: :broccoli: