Syrinscape Online Minion/Master Not Working


Hey, everyone!

I’ve been using Syrinscape for a little over a year now and I am loving it!!

I have been trying to use Syrinscape Online, but I don’t seem to be streaming any audio. One of our distance players wants to hear the music clearer, so we set him up with a Syrinscape account. He downloaded the online player, linked it up, joined my game, but he can’t get any audio. We’ve tried uninstalling/reinstalling, unlinking/relinking, logging out/in, started new games, checked the audio… nothing!

We tried the minion/master setup on 3 different computers/laptops and, no matter where he or I were logged in, there’s no received audio.

Any suggestions?? :slight_smile:


Heya @christiandgunn1

I just used the Online Player to DJ the D&D Live games two days running for 6 hours straight = controlling playback from Syrinscape Australia with the sound team in Seattle running a minion on their system and mixing it into the show… If that isn’t a stress test, I don’t know what is! So it definitely certainly almost absolutely is all working corrcetly at our end! :smiley:

Sooo… have a look at this video, it has some good info on troubleshooting what might be going wrong for you…

Then ask some more questions!


Hi Benjamin!

Thanks so much for getting back to me! I hope that things went well!!

I had tried each of those things, but the sound doesn’t seem to be working. It seems that, no matter what computer we try (we tried making another account, as well) the minion player never shows the art for the mood and never plays music…

Is there anything else that it might be?


Hi @christiandgunn1, can you give us a few more details then and we can try and dig a bit deeper

  1. What device is the player installing Syrinscape Online on?
  2. What operating system are they using?
  3. Did they follow all of the steps in the setup tutorial video?
  4. Does their minion player show you as the DM?
  5. Are your other players connected ok and hearing everything?
  6. have they fully connected BEFORE you start the soundset?
  7. other things that I haven’t yet thought of but will add when I do :slight_smile:


Hey there @Steve!

I’m glad to give you all the details you need!

We have tried 3 laptops a PC, all running Windows 10! We definitely followed all of the steps in the tutorial video, we even re-downloaded it just to make sure.

The minion player and the master player both say that I am the DM and the minion player correctly labels it as the player’s.

I can hear my own sound when I play it through the speakers, but nobody else is able to hear me when joining my game. They have tried connecting before I start the soundset, yes!

Thank you for being so thorough! :slight_smile:


So your message above might actually be the clue!

You appear to have set up two Syrinscape accounts @pianoman24 and @christiandgunn1, both with different email addresses but the same name. Could it be that your player is connected to the wrong account? That would explain it showing your name but never receiving any of the triggers. If you want to drop me an email to I can let you know the details of both accounts :slight_smile:


The only one of those two accounts with a full Supersyrin subscription is the @christiandgunn1 account! The @pianoman24 account is an old account that I honestly forgot about until I brought it back from the grave with a quick Resurrection spell (it was too old for Revivify), specifically to try to make this work!

I am 100% positive that the online player is linked to the account with the Supersyrin subscription!

Would this be better handled over email, as opposed to the forum?


It would yes, that way we can talk email addresses and accounts :grin: